Graffiti Wars

Graffiti Wars

In production

Graffiti: the work of mindless vandals or creative geniuses? To some it’s art, to others it’s a sign we’ve lost control of our cities. Since Roman times graffiti has been a form of anti-establishment rebellion. But today it is transcending social nuisance to gain cultural and artistic credibility, unprecedented prices at auction and even Presidential and Prime Ministerial approval.

This programme explores the creative tension that has surfaced in a recent conflict between graffiti legend King Robbo and media darling street artist Banksy; a spat which has been described as the biggest art rivalry since Picasso and Matisse.

In London, the tension between the two camps has played out in a battle of spray cans between freehand graffiti writer King Robbo and the stencil-using street artist Banksy. The film goes behind enemy lines as the war escalates. The show is produced and directed by Jane Preston and executive produced by Bridget Sneyd and Andrew Mackenzie.

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