Dom on the Spot

Dom on the Spot

15 x 45'
TX: Monday 5th September 2016

Britain is handing out more fines than ever, with hundreds of new offences being treated every year. But, however frustrating, these fines are here for a reason: to protect us. Fronted by the people’s champion Dom Littlewood, Dom on the Spot delves behind the statistics to follow the hardworking men and women charged with upholding the law, from speed camera operators to parking attendants, from council enforcers fining dog fouling to fly-tipping, from transport police chasing fare dodgers to road tax evaders.

Dom will be on the spot accompanying these officials, exploring why the fines are doled out and questioning why we break the law on a day to day basis. He’ll also be meeting the victims affected by these day-to-day crimes.

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