Alex Polizzi, Hotel Continental

Alex tackles one of her toughest challenges yet.

The Hotel Inspector: Hotel Continental


The latest series of The Hotel Inspector continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

Alex Polizzi has brought countless hotels and B&Bs up and down the country back from the brink, but she’s not finished yet. She’s back for a brand new series, armed with a bag of new tricks to keep the hotel industry on its toes – from a bus load of surprise guests to secretly filmed staff meetings, The Hotel Inspector is one step ahead, leaving the hoteliers with nowhere to hide.

In episode 3, Alex is in Harwich, Essex. Faced with one of her toughest challenges yet, she is trying to help a couple whose quirky hotel is racking up big debts.

Hotel Continental is in dire financial straits, suffering the effects of a downturn in business to the area. Mounting debts and missed payments mean that owners Gordon and Blossom Hoyles are in danger of losing the business and their home, but the creative couple are yet to face up to their predicament. When Alex uncovers the extent of the couple’s troubles, she is forced to deliver her toughest advice to date about the future of the hotel and its owners. But will the hoteliers take Alex’s advice before it’s too late?

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