The Home Game (w/t) will make over the makeover format.

ITV commissions Twofour to produce The Home Game (w/t)


ITV has commissioned Twofour to produce The Home Game (w/t), a 10 x 60’ series for daytime, which radically makes over the makeover format by cutting out the ‘boring building stuff’ and fast forwarding to the best bits: the transformation and the price.

Each episode will feature four properties and their owners, who are about to embark on a home renovation – from high end kitchen extensions to bedrooms on a budget; restorations and rebuilds to gardens and garage conversions. We’ll meet the owners, see their homes and hear their plans. Are they empty nesters or do they need more space for a growing family? Can we guess their taste, or will they surprise us and go for a radical style overhaul? The show will then cut instantly from the ‘before’ shots to the final fabulous reveals.

But this is also a game. At the beginning of each of the four stories we’ll discover how much their house is worth and what their budget is. At the end we’ll discover how much they spent and how much their house is now worth.

Rachel Innes-Lumsden, Deputy Director of Programmes, Twofour, said:The Home Game will provide an entertaining romp around people’s homes – as well as being packed with inspiring reveals, we’ll be able to play along to see who has added the most money to their house price.”

The Home Game was commissioned by Helen Warner and the executive producer is Rachel Innes-Lumsden. The air date is yet to be confirmed. The series will be distributed by Twofour Rights.

We’re casting!

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