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Ibiza Weekender is back


Ibiza Weekender is back on Sunday evenings at 9pm for another season of fun, sun and hijinks on the White Isle. David, aka El Jefe, The Boss, is joined again by rep veteran Jordan and last year’s standout recruit Callum. With the arrival of the three new female reps Its clear the old heads are not going to get everything their own way.

With mounting pressure from his boss, El Grand Jefe, David is determined to have the number one repping team and has hired three new reps to complete his team. From the moment Tash, Isobel and Chloe arrive it’s obvious poor David will have his hands full keeping them all focused on the job and not each other.

Far from proving a rallying point for their focus the arrival of the guests proves little more than a distraction to both Jordan and Callum as they spend most of the first night setting a bad example, to the joy of both Isobel and Chloe. While they start to couple up -Tash is left to show David how she at least can keep an eye on the job by looking after the guests. None of which has escaped the notice of El Jefe. Luckily the rep antics go mainly unnoticed as the guests have a wild time.

Following a disappointing first night David sets his team straight and makes an example out of Jordan and Callum , getting them to clean out the vomit from last night’s transport as well as making them stay in for the day and night activities. With the boy reps on lock down the new girls have a chance to redeem themselves as Tash leads a great second night.

As the first set of guests depart happy David looks to take stock of the team’s performance – but before he can he is interrupted by a surprise arrival. The question is has El Grand Jefe sent David someone to train up, a helping hand or something else?….

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