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Brand new to Channel 5 – Undercover Girlfriends


Tune into Undercover Girlfriends every weeknight from Monday 3rd September at 10pm on Channel 5.

Five girls determined to discover whether their man is really the one have decided to go undercover.

For one week their boyfriends will be whisked away on a VIP trip to sun soaked Marbella where they think they’re making a TV show about lads on holiday. What they don’t know is that their girlfriends are in the villa right next door watching their every move.

Everywhere the boys go and everything they do is controlled by their girlfriends. Using stealth, technology and a range of comical disguises, the girlfriends will go undercover to put their boyfriends to the test in order to answer some important questions about their relationships.

Will the undercover girlfriends get rumbled? Are they really ready for what they might uncover? And when the girls come clean at the end of the week will it bring the couples closer together or push them further apart?

Undercover Girlfriends is produced by Twofour and Krempelwood.

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