Boomerang’s Sinkholes starts Monday 20th November at 8pm on Channel 5


Sinkholes takes a look at one of the most destructive natural phenomena known to man. As indiscriminate as they are instant, all over the world sinkholes are causing chaos and destruction wherever they appear: swallowing up whole streets, ripping up motorways, destroying entire forests and even dragging unfortunate bystanders to their untimely deaths.

Sinkholes re-lives the incredible stories of the people and places that survived a sinkhole – exploring the ripple effect in the immediate aftermath to the enormous feats of engineering and reconstruction required to help whole communities rebuild their lives. The series combines the most breath taking archive and user generated footage from around the world with stories from the UK and US of people who have suffered from these deadly attacks.

Sinkholes: Buried Underground takes us into the terrifying world of sink holes – the deadly phenomena that can appear anywhere and anytime.

Capable of destroying properties, swallowing vehicles and even killing, this film meets some of the people who have been most badly affected by sinkholes.

And it’s a problem that’s happening right on our doorstep.  Britain has experienced some catastrophic sinkholes that have caused chaos and misery for homeowners across the land. In Yorkshire, the town of Ripon sits in an area of land that has suffered from sink holes for centuries.

64 year old Doreen is one of the latest victims.  In 2016 a sinkhole measuring 66ft wide and 30ft deep suddenly appeared right behind her house.  She was urgently evacuated along with other residents from her street while the authorities tried to repair the hole. Peter and Julia were also affected as the sinkhole appeared right next to their property which they were half way through renovating. Doreen, Peter and Julia are anxiously waiting to hear if their properties are safe or whether the sink hole might one day return.

But it’s Florida in the US that holds the title of “sinkhole capital of the world.”  In 2013, a sinkhole appeared directly underneath the property of Jeremy, destroying his home and sucking his brother Jeff deep underground.  Jeff’s body was never recovered and the land where Jeremy once lived, now lies abandoned.

But what causes these catastrophic caverns to appear?  Why are some areas affected more than others?  And what can be done to predict – or even prevent – further sinkhole strikes?

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