Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home airs on ITV

Save Money:  My Beautiful Green Home is an uplifting 3 part series which taps into our obsession with property and the emotional, creative and practical journey renovating our homes takes us all on.

In the series journalist Ranvir Singh will be showing us all how we can achieve the green dream without breaking the bank.  She will be following three families as they renovate and retrofit their traditional homes into beautiful environments with expert guidance and advice from Property Expert, Designer and Sustainable Build Campaigner Kunle Barker. Their ambition is to give their homes a design face-lift whilst also making them greener and saving them money.

In addition Ranvir and Kunle will be blown away when they meet the owners and architects of some of the nation’s most trailblazing eco-builds.   Each episode features two of the UK’s most cutting edge properties that will not only dazzle and impress, but will also explain each of us, by making changes to go greener at home however big or small,  can save money and save the planet into the bargain.

The series airs on Monday 18th October, Monday 25th October, and Monday 1st November at 8pm on ITV.