Web TV channel - Tom Daley

Launching and managing digital channels is at the heart of Twofour’s offering. Olympian Tom Daley keeps in touch with fans through TomDaley.TV.

Tom Daley has an active fan base and a huge social networking following. Twofour designed, developed and continually manage Tom Daley’s official website, TomDaley.TV. The site seamlessly blends Tom’s star-studded celebrity adventures and mind-blowing diving successes with his everyday life of school, family and friends.

The website, which was created in close collaboration with Tom’s agent Professional Sports Group, provides fans and sports enthusiasts with exclusive information, pictures and video clips.

The site contains home video diaries of Tom as he trains, competes and prepares for London 2012, which are edited by our in-house production team. Tomdaley.TV also contains news articles, photographs and a summary of Tom’s event schedule. The site has integrated social networking so fans can stay in touch using Twitter.

Facebook demographic statistics have allowed us to understand Tom Daley’s fan base and broadcast correctly targeted media. TomDaley.TV has been a great success, and just 6 months after its birth, is gaining in excess of 25,000 visitors per month.

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