Happy Families

4 x 60'
Thursday 13th June 2013

Filled with hilarity and heartbreak, Happy Families looks behind Britain’s net curtains for an intimate insight into how we as families live, love and laugh. More than the individual story of each family, the series shows what it means to be a family in Britain today by capturing life issues that resonate across the generational, social, cultural and geographical fabric of the country.

With cameras placed on fixed rigs throughout the home, capturing every moment from breakfast to bedtime, we film four families for one week each. From the north of England to the south coast, from toddlers to teenagers and child birth to marriage, and from the breadline to middle class comfort, we interweave our four families to reveal what makes them the same and sets them apart, and what it means to be a happy family.

Happy Families is commissioned by ITV’s factual commissioning team and executive produced by Andrew Mackenzie and David Clews for Twofour.

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