The Tiny Tots Talent Agency

The Tiny Tots Talent Agency

Meet the stars of the future! The Tiny Tots Talent Agency starts tonight on Channel 4


The Tiny Tots Talent Agency starts tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

Finding the superstars of the future is a massive business. Documentary series The Tiny Tots Talent Agency takes a look inside Bizzykidz, one of the largest children’s talent agencies in the UK, to enter the extraordinary and competitive world of young stars, wannabe models and some of their powerhouse parents – many of whom are chasing fame and fortune before they’ve even left school.

Bizzykidz talent agency is run by no-nonsense owner Debi, who navigates the careers of over 1300 wannabes alongside her team. Debi has an eye for what could make a star, looking beyond age or a pretty face to see whether or not a child has the right character to make it in the cut-throat business. 10-month-old Ornella is one of the newest recruits, crawling to the catwalk with her first ever casting for a designer shoe brand. Her mum thinks her cute looks could make her the next Tyra Banks.

Meanwhile, 10-year-old Cenk has been in the business for years and has global ambitions, starting with launching his very own super-brand from his Mayfair home. One of his castings is as a dancer on fellow star Tyreik’s music video, but, before filming can start, Tyriek has to cast for a leading lady and wannabe singer Kyanne is keen to impress. Also featured in this episode is eight-year-old performer Millie, who has show business running through her veins; her parents are part of super-group Bucks Fizz.

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