Save Money: Good Health airs Tuesdays at 7.30pm on ITV


Save Money: Good Health (6×30 minute series) is back with more advice to help viewers choose the best products and treatments to feel and stay well – from the medical, natural and technological world. Returning to front this series, Sian Williams and Dr Ranj will help explore the most affordable options to help deal with a range of key health issues – from dieting to sleep, allergies to infections, pain to mental health and ageing – all without breaking the bank.

In addition, Save Money: Good Health will offer a more in-depth focus on key diet issues with two special episodes. Kicking off the series, Save Money: Lose Weight, is a 1 x 90 minute special taking a big, bold look at the most popular ways people choose to diet.  With the help of a group of dieters, Sian and Dr Ranj get to the bottom of the real cost of some methods of losing weight and find out if the pounds you spend are worth the pounds you lose. Tracking the winners and losers on the show’s ÂŁ for lb leaderboard – which diet will be crowned the best value for money by the end of the series? Plus, the series will bust myths about sugar and reveal some shocking home truths about diet foods being sold.



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