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Dom On The Spot is back!


Dom On The Spot, featuring Dom Littlewood, is set to return to BBC for a 10 x 45’ series. Britain is handing out more fines than ever with hundreds of new offences being added every year. But however frustrating, these fines are here for a reason – to protect us.

Fronted by Dom Littlewood, Dom On The Spot delves behind the statistics to follow the hard-working men and women charged with upholding the law, from fare dodgers to road tax evaders, from fly-tipping to dog fouling, from dodgy HGVs to noisy neighbours. If you can be fined for it … Dom is there! Dom will be on the spot accompanying these officials, exploring why the fines are doled out and questioning why we break the law on a day to day basis. He’ll also be meeting the victims affected by these day-to-day crimes.

Dom On The Spot airs weekdays from  Monday, 4th September at 11am on BBC One. 

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