Julia looks at food and wine

Anna Maxwell as Julia.

Delightful Industries’ Motherland airs tonight at 10pm on BBC Two


Motherland, a Merman and Delightful Industries co-pro, airs tonight at 10pm on BBC Two as part of BBC’s Landmark Sitcom Season.

The show is all about navigating the trials and traumas of middle-class motherhood, looking at the competitive and unromantic sides of parenting.

We meet the ‘Alpha Mums’, headed by Amanda (Lucy Punch – The Wedding Video), who is very much the Queen Bee. Everything is organised, clean and sparkly – even the kitchen cork board is a statement of success. At the other end of the spectrum there’s Liz (Diane Morgan – Cunk on Shakespeare), who’s totally chaotic and feels that kids should enjoy free expression.

Somewhere in the middle is Julia (Anna Maxwell – Martin Reg). When she find outs that her own mother no longer wants to be the free child-sitter and school-run taxi, Julia finds her organisation skills are taxed and nowhere near the level of the ‘Alpha Mums’. Also in the mix is Kevin (Paul Ready – Utopia), the stay-at-home dad who is embracing his role with gusto – much to the irritation of the other mothers.

The Guardian has dubbed the “utterly hysterical” one-off “Mumsnet: the sitcom”.

BBC’s Landmark Sitcom Season celebrates the past 60 years of British comedy.

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