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Channel 5 has Unfinished Business (w/t) with Twofour


Channel 5 today announces the commission of a new 6 x 60” series Unfinished Business which seeks to answer the questions: What would you do if you had the chance to spend an intense 24 hours with your ex? Would you seek closure or try to win them back?

Every relationship has unfinished business, things you wished you asked. Things you wish you had known. Things you never had the nerve to bring up? Now you can…and put that nagging doubt to bed, or realise you were in love all along and want to go back, all in 24 hours – totally alone, together.

Commissioned from Twofour by Channel 5’s Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment Guy Davies and co-produced by Krempelwood.

Every episode of this new format features sets of couples brought back together to confront their past, and is an honest, moving and sometimes painful portrayal of broken relationships. Will these couples involved move on and find closure or make up and rekindle lost love?

Filmed over 24 hours to capture each couple’s personal journey, the viewers experience for themselves the emotional roller-coaster of the participants before, during and after the process.

Each show features the intercut stories of these charismatic ex-couples. What they do, say, and ask during that time is up to them. But during their stay, the rig allows the audience into the most intimate moments in these people’s lives by capturing their every move as well as everything that isn’t spoken. The series is an emotional journey that is intimate, often painful but always compelling.

Guy Davies, Channel 5’s Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment said: “Unfinished Business taps into that common feeling we have all experienced when a relationship ends. The series exposes real and raw emotions with minimal intervention. We’ll genuinely feel like flies on their wall”

Nic Patten, Executive Producer for Twofour added: “The couples can talk about what they like, do what they like, and they can even leave when they like. This ensures that each story is entirely different, leaving the audience to wonder how each story unfolds, and ultimately how it resolves – will they walk away friends, lovers or forever parted?”

The series executive producers are David Clews (The Real Marigold Hotel, Educating Yorkshire) and Nic Patten (Drive, Big Brother, The Voice) for Twofour and Mark Wood and Blair Krempel for Krempelwood. Unfinished Business will come to Channel 5 spring 2017.

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