Channel 5 commissions Twofour to produce Britain’s Crime Capitals


Twofour has been commissioned to produce a 4 x 60’ series exploring Britain’s crime capitals for Channel 5.
Britain’s Crime Capitals, presented by Nick Wallis, exposes the fight on crime in some of Britain’s major cities including Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester.

The series will explore Birmingham’s gang crime; Liverpool’s long battle with guns; Manchester and its war on drug related crime and Glasgow’s long association with knife crime and stabbing.

Exploring some of the most notorious areas, Britain’s Crime Capitals will give an up to the minute picture of the criminal activity facing the cities’ inhabitants. We’ll hear from the victims and criminals as well as those charged with trying to win the criminal wars on Britain’s city streets.

Channel 5 Commissioning Editor: Factual, Guy Davies said: “Britain’s Crime Capitals gets behind the headlines to explore how some of our biggest cities have become characterised by particular crimes. These stories are a fascinating way of looking at how crime develops and takes hold in Britain, how it is being tackled and how people are fighting back.”

Dan Adamson, Director of Programmes, Twofour, said: “The level and breadth of crime on Britain’s streets is a topic that impacts on us all. Through access to those on the front line, this series will explore some of Britain’s crime hot spots.”

The series will be executive produced by Dan Adamson for Twofour.

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