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Boomerang’s Get A House For Free airs on Tuesday, 8th August, at 9pm on Channel 4


Britain was once a nation of homeowners. Now with every year that passes fewer and fewer young people are finding it possible to get a foot on the property ladder, and many believe they never will.

But one man has decided that is not fair. Landlord Marco Robinson who owns a business and property empire worth £25 million is embracing a uniquely personal brand of philanthropy. Having made his fortune, he wants to give something back and is looking to give away a 3-bedroom flat in Preston, worth around £120,000. He is looking for the right person or people who he thinks will benefit most from the property and whose lives he feels will be changed by this extraordinary gift. Once he finds them, the property will be theirs – mortgage free.

When Marco initially announces his intention to give away the property, he is overwhelmed by the response. The story is picked up by newspapers across the world and quickly goes viral. A staggering 8,000 people apply in less than two weeks.

Over the next six weeks Marco meets as many applicants as possible. Marco himself experienced homelessness as a young boy as he and his mother were evicted from numerous properties. As he gets to know the people desperate for his flat, the decision becomes harder and harder. Everyone Marco meets has a strong a reason why they need his flat – from the single mum to the Syrian refugees, but ultimately he has just only one property to give away.

This film follows Marco as he goes about looking for – and finding – the person to whom he wants to gift a home.

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