Peyton and Polizzi’s Restaurant Rescue cooking up a storm soon on Channel 5…


Channel 5 has commissioned Twofour to produce a brand new 4 x 60’ series, Peyton and Polizzi’s Restaurant Rescue, fronted by The Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi and her brother-in-law, restaurateur Oliver Peyton.

Alex has long been known for her critical eye, attention to detail and her ability to help struggling businesses get back on their feet. Oliver has been around restaurants all his working life and knows more than a thing or two about how hard it is to find success in such a tough industry.

This uplifting series puts Alex in the path of people whose dream to run their own restaurant has turned into an inexplicable nightmare. With Oliver’s help, she’ll set out to see if she can change the fortunes of struggling restaurant businesses.

From staffing to menus, service and décor, Alex, with the help of Oliver, will be on a quest to transform four struggling restaurants into successful and profitable ventures. Alex will draw on her career in the hospitality business to offer critique, advice and guidance, all served up with a large helping of her famously efficient, no-nonsense attitude. She’ll ask Oliver Peyton to marshal the kitchens and critique the food, all in a bid to get the businesses to run with military precision.

Alex Polizzi said: “Restaurant Rescue is about championing independent restaurants, helping them get both their food and figures right. They need to excel in every area to have any chance of competing with the increasing number of chain restaurants which are taking over Britain’s high streets.”

Oliver Peyton said: “Alex and I embarked on this series with a desire to help everybody to succeed. It has turned out to be as much about lifestyle choices as it about how much change people wish to make.”

Greg Barnett, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment Channel 5, said:“It’s sometimes not immediately obvious why these businesses are failing, so it’s going to be quite a challenge for Alex and her brother-in-law to turn things around. Many of the proprietors have invested everything into living their dream and some are long-standing family-run businesses, so there’s everything at stake and emotions will reach boiling point.”

Dan Adamson, Twofour’s Director of Programmes and Executive Producer for Restaurant Rescue, said: “Alex has shown us how exacting you need to be to run a successful hotel – now she’s turning her critical eye to restaurants where the pressure to put good food in front of customers is huge.

The Hotel Inspector (Twofour) which is Channel 5’s longest running show, will also return soon.

Peyton and Polizzi’s Restaurant Rescue and The Hotel Inspector are distributed internationally by Twofour Rights.


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